Wednesday, 19 September 2012

6 Things That Gina Rinehart Could Do

by Rob d'Apice
Gina Rinehart, Australia's richest person and the world's richest woman, has a networth of over $29b at time of writing, according to Wikipedia.

Thus far, she hasn't proved particularly popular with the average Australian. Her recent press coverage has revolved around her praise for Africans, "willing to work for less than $2 a day", and her public battle with her children through the Australian courts over their share of inheritance.

Oh, and her poetry.

So we ask ourselves: what could Gina Rinehart do to win some serious public favour? $29b goes a fairly long way. How long? We put our financial detectives on the case and found 6 options.

1. Colonize the moon.

Discovery Channel's website estimates that the cost of setting up a small colony of 100 people would be about $15b in transport costs. After accommodating the costs associated with training, support, etc, we think it would be well covered by Gina's chequebook. She may even have some spare change left to send herself up for a visit or two.

2. Solve world hunger for one year.

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of United Nations reckons solving world hunger costs $30b a year. That means Gina could help a billion people eat for one whole year.

3. Buy an iPhone 5 for every Australian.

At a retail price of $799, every Australian man, woman and child could be the proud owner of a new iPhone 5, instead of having to deal with Gina Rinehart. On top of that, you'd still have a couple of hundred dollars leftover to blow on useless apps, or expensive adapters to work with all your old iPhone 4 appliances!

4. Employ every person in Africa for 3 weeks.

Gina Rinehart assures us Africans are ready and willing to work for $2 a day. By her math, she can employ Africa's whole 1 billion person population for 15 days - or three working weeks. Perhaps she could start by outsourcing her poetry?

5. Fulfil every loan on - 10,000 times over.

As a martyr for free market capitalism, Gina Rinehart might prefer loans over handouts? No problemo! Gina has enough cash to fund every single loan on Kiva, a website that facilitates charitable micro-loans to small businesses in developing countries to help support local enterprise. In fact, she could fund 10,000 websites the same size as Kiva.

6. Invest in an High Interest Savings Account.

We can confirm that, at time of writing, Gina Rinehart is not a member of Prosple. This is a great shame, because if she had compared online savings accounts using Prosple, she'd be scoring up to 5.71% interest on her $29 billion. Assuming they accept her larger-than-average balance, she'd be netting $1.7b in interest every year!

In other words, she'll be netting 6.8 billion African man-hours every year!

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